My attention has just been drawn to a terrible video of the lynching of Miss Deborah Yakubu, a student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Wamako, Sokoto and a native of Zuru, Kebbi State and i condemn this act in totality!

Watching a young girl being harassed by a mob made up of her fellow students and then being beaten, stoned and burnt to death was just too much to bear! I am a mother and the anguish has not left me! That girl could have been my daughter! That young girl was Nigeria’s daughter and the system failed her!

How is it that the security officers in the College were unable to protect her?!

The reason given for which she was killed is even more baffling and sad! Here was a young girl speaking up for her right to education. She was passionate about past questions, updates about tests and school matters! Alas! Her dream of attaining quality education has been cut short!
This is sad. We must protect the rights of the girl child to education!

I call on the law enforcement officers to investigate this sad state of events, fish out the perpetrators of this heinous crime and ensure that there are brought to book. There must be consequences for actions in the society! I urge them to publicly share with the public information on this terrible state of affairs, as they proceed with their investigation! This will hopefully serve as a deterrent to others!

I also call on the College of Education, to actively assist the Police in this regard and ensure that this never happens on that campus again! School authorities must take their role as custodians of people’s children seriously!

While we await the report of a full police investigation, I urge our young people to please eschew violence and show love to one another. Religious fundamentalism and violence towards one another for any reason is unacceptable and never pays!

My heart goes out to the family and friends of late Miss Deborah Yakubu. May God help them find comfort at this time of anguish and may Miss Deborah rest in peace. Amen.

Mrs. Linda Rose Bala

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