I, Mrs. Linda Rose Bala, felicitate with the elders, Chairman, Chief Emmanuel Uti, members of the Executive Council and members of the Nigeria Bar Association, Warri Branch on the Occasion of Their Monthly General Meeting of May, 2022.

Warri Branch is a branch made up of vibrant Bar men many of whom have served the Bar and are currently serving the Bar at the National level as very worthy ambassadors of your branch. It is for this reason and more that I consider it necessary to seize this opportunity to associate with you and send greetings to you all the way from Zaria.

The zeal to protect the human rights of citizens by your branch and its vibrant members is worthy of emulation by all. The fiery spirit with which you champion public interest litigations have not gone unnoticed. Welldone to all members NBA Warri!

I am certain that your May meeting was ideas packed and I am hopeful that the resolutions thereat will impact the Bar and the nation positively.

As we say, “Warri no dey carry last”! Continue in your zeal!

Long Live the NBA Warri!
Long Live the Nigerian Bar Association!!
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Mrs. Linda Rose Bala

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