Hetty Hembadoon Orkuma writes and I concur intoto!

“The way you all think Jonathan is yours to control makes me laugh. In the entire nation, Jonathan is the only person you all expect to have high standards. You don’t even hold your own selves to such high standards. Nobody else. Only Jonathan! You expect him to do what is decent, what seems right. What is lawful. What is gentlemanly. And not only that you think he owes it to you. It is this part that baffles me. Why do you think he owes you such standards? You o, a Buharist. The audacity!

The President you voted in to replace him you don’t hold him to hearing, not acting o just hearing as in sound traveling through the ear, not going ahead to be processed by the brain to form an opinion about, just it traveling through the ear to be registered as recognizable speech, even that minimal you do not hold him to not to talk of simple administration before moving on to morals.

Right now I wish Jonathan moves to APC and actually gets that form, I want to see if you all will die from wailing. The new wailing wailers.

Everybody thinks Jonathan owes them. Even the so called nPDP that ran to go and join the coalition of ANPP and ADC thinks Jonathan owes than to hold the moral high ground and stay in the party they left just to spite him and throw him out of office. So you people think of yourselves but Jonathan is such a decent person that he should think of you now instead of himself? The audacity.

And then you so called GEJites, used to be or still. Why did you follow Jonathan? I sometimes wonder about that. Most of you weren’t paid a dime. I thought it was because you saw a decent man, a gentleman, a democrat, a man who was building this nation but now I think most of you think you saw a pet, a mild mannered pet that you now think you can fly into a rage about any time you hear not from him, from random coconuts that he has done something that displeases you.

I wish Jonathan moves to APC. I just want to see if you have a fit and fall down and die. Everybody has been changing party. Obasanjo was campaigning against Jonathan but it is GEJ that is the sane human, the decent human, the custodian of value and decency in Nigeria so he better not. Hehehe.

I said I like the high standards you all hold Jonathan to. I see someone of you were thinking I meant you shouldn’t. If you didn’t hold him to high standards why would you be pained if he bought APC form.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the standard for every form of decency. You know and believe it too. And that makes me happy.

GEJ is the standard.

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